Private Pay. Short-Term Services

While many families seek long term services, certain situations may arise that call for short term care that may not be covered by your insurance company.  OPTIMA Behavioral Consulting offers private pay services that will allow for a more flexible treatment options.

Do you think it is time for your child to be potty trained and you are looking for a professional who can help you with an organized and research based approach to address this issue?

Is your child throwing a tantrum when you ask him to do something or when you say “No” to something he/she asks?

Is your child refusing to go to school or struggling socially or academically in the school setting?

You need short term services to address a behavior of concern or a skill deficit in communication, social skills, math, reading, or writing for the family to carry on/implement.

My child does not have any diagnoses but why do I feel like he might be falling behind in his development compared to peers of his/her age?

You need help with your child’s Individualized Educational Plan (IEP).

We can help!

Private Pay services differ depending on your unique circumstances and the nature of the challenges your family is experiencing. Please contact a Behavior Analyst to find out the options that might be available for your family.