Grant Resources

ACT Today – This ACT program awards grants of up to $5,000 with priority given to families with household incomes less than $100,000. Funding may be used for ABA, speech therapy, OT, meds and home safety devices. There are quarterly grant deadlines.


Anchor of Hope Foundation – Click on "Opportunities" and then "Special Needs Scholarship" to get the Anchor of Hope scholarship application and instructions. The maximum grant for special needs children for various uses is $250 per family.


Autism Resource Center of South Florida – The Autism Resource Center of S. FLs has listings for a dozen different resources. These include scholarships and/or grants for children diagnosed with ASD as well as a directory of other useful resources.


The Ezra B. Smith Foundation for Autism Therapy and Aducation – The Ezra B. Smith Foundation seeks to provide financial assistance for ABA therapy and education for autistic children.


Hannah and Friends – The Hannah's Helping Hands Grant Program provides quality of life grants for families that care for children with special needs in FL, IN, KS, RI and NY.


Maggie Welby Foundation – The Maggie Welby Foundation offers grants ranging from $250 to $2,500 to children and families in need for a variety of purposes.


Modest Needs Foundation – This link takes you to the required registration page to learn about several Modest Needs grant opportunities and eligibility requirements.


Small Steps in Speech – This webpage provides a direct link to the Small Steps in Speech grant application. Funds may be used for speech therapy and/or assistive device software applications.


Talk About Curing Autism: Family Scholarship Program – This TACA webpage contains links to dozens of grant and scholarship opportunities for families to help with the cost of ABA therapies.


United Healthcare Children's Foundation – The UHC Fund facilitates access to medical-related services that enhance a child's life and which are not fully covered by the available commercial health benefit plan.


Please contact us for more details on funding through Grants and Scholarships