Founded by a Behavior Analyst and a mother of a son with autism, OPTIMA Behavioral Consulting is the destination for individuals seeking a solid and highly individualized approach to address problem behaviors, deficits in specific skill areas; be it communication, social skills, safety, academics, or independent living skills.

We believe that any individual, with or without a diagnosis, not living their life to the fullest deserves a treatment based on the best scientific evidence, delivered in a timely manner, and most importantly, make progress at the fastest rate possible for that individual.

The mere knowledge of being entrusted with someone else’s life and an opportunity to better their lives forever puts a great responsibility on our shoulders.

The time is of essence and one of the reasons why we strive so hard to cut long wait lists and start services almost immediately.

We believe that having a strong collaborative team between the families and our staff allows us to excel in  ways that others cannot. While OPTIMA appreciates all of our wonderful families it is our hope that someday we will have made enough progress that our services will no longer be necessary.  

Come join the OPTIMA family and let's start making progress!